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Callng local designers / arts and crafts peeps!
Posted by: mattej77 11 September, 2017 13:41

Hi everyone,
My name is Matt. My wife and I live locally. My wife, Ubie, has recently moved to the area from Hong Kong. She is a graphic designer but also designs across the spectrum of household furnishings (coasters, soft furnishings, candles) and fashion (bags and jewelry mostly, but also some screen printed T-shirts etc). She also runs arts and craft courses and is running a Mandala course shortly in Crystal Palace actually!

What I would love to do is to connect her to the local community and in particular, ask
- is there a meetup locally for like-minded people to share ideas, work together etc?
- is anyone aware of a space in the East Dulwich area that's nice and rents space to run courses (and preferably has mailing lists / promotional tools too?)

Any other info or tips in the area would be really appreciated!

Many thanks in advance

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