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Car break in - South Croxted Road
Posted by: LadyNorwood 08 October, 2017 10:33

Our car (which was parked off road) was broken into last night, fortunately they didn't manage to drive it away, but they did go through the whole car looking for stuff.... They pinched about 20 in coins and two pairs of sunglasses - one Ray-Ban and one Tom Ford, both with prescription lenses so if you see a couple of scrotes stumbling about wearing these, it's probably the culprits.... I've reported it to 101 so they can build up a profile of crime in the area.....

Re: Car break in - South Croxted Road
Posted by: Chrishx 14 November, 2017 16:13

We I've just round the corner in Park Hall road and over the last few years I've had stuff nicked from my car any number of times, largely because I've neglected to lock it at night. My policeman friend tells me there are plenty of scumbags who roam the streets every night trying the handles of every car they pass. He intercepted a guy nearby a while ago with a Sainsburys bag full of loot that 'he'd found on the pavement and was just taking to the nearest police station', at 3.00 am. Needless to say he was arrested.

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