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Porcini - Croxted Road
Posted by: NicholasCharles 11 October, 2017 10:37

Hi all, I went to the new Porcini last night & it was fantastic. Pizza and pasta the main attractions to the menu with a brand new installed pizza oven. The restaurant is now called Rossi after the owner who is a lovely guy and always comes over to your table, introduces himself and creates a great ambience. The pizza menu is slightly diverse to the normal toppings. I had sliced Italian sausage, potatoes and peas on mine! You really need to try this superb new Italian in the heart of West Dulwich. Great value as well! Cheers, Nick

Re: Porcini - Croxted Road
Posted by: sophcrox 16 October, 2017 07:51

My experience yesterday was certainly different from yours.
For a restaurant describing itself as pasta and pizza there was an extremely limited pasta selection. Only five and not even offering a straightforward tomato sauce option. There was a mushroom pasta but it was noticeably lacking any indication that it was suitable for vegetarians. I opted for ravioli of the day. The waiter had to discuss with another waiter what the ravioli was that day. Odd given the limited choice. It was described as spinach and ricotta which, from its tough texture and presentation I can only assume was reheated after being unsold the day before. It came with a basil leaf garnish but there was also a dried out garnish underneath which someone had obviously omitted to remove when decanting it on to the plate.

The house wine was very acceptable, as was the coffee but I shall not be returning. A shame as I used to used da Porcini very happily.

Re: Porcini - Croxted Road
Posted by: LadyNorwood 07 November, 2017 16:39

What a shame you had a disappointing meal - we've been a few times and, yes, there were a couple of teething problems, but we thought the food was delicious and well presented... I'm sure if you asked for a simple tomato sauce, they would do that - what did they say about the ravioli? We hope it does well as the area is lacking in choice of restaurants... Feedback is essential to a new venture, hopefully you'll give it another go sophcrox....

Re: Porcini - Croxted Road
Posted by: Chrishx 14 November, 2017 16:06

It's a pity you have decided not to go back to Rossi's after just one bad experience. As a long time fan of Porcini, its predecessor, and still now under the same ownership, I know that if you'd brought it to the attention of the waiter he would have changed it. So the moral is: If you're not happy, then complain. If you don't it's not fair on the restaurant who haven't been given the chance to right a wrong.

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