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Shed broken into
Posted by: LadyNorwood 28 December, 2017 11:30

So, following on from my car being broken into in mid-November, then the abusive 'dishcloth' bloke a couple of weeks ago, I went into the garden today to find someone had broken into our shed, raided the fridge and nicked 4 bottles of champagne, 4 bottles of white wine and a bottle of bison grass vodka.... So if you see someone drinking Chateau Juvenal white wine, Chateau Juvenal Gaia pink fizz or Lanson black label - it's probably come from my shed.... Happy new year!

Re: Shed broken into
Posted by: MikeyM 31 December, 2017 14:18

Was there anything else (quite specific) stolen from your shed? If so please DM me as we had a “shed item” thrown over our wall - clearly stolen and chucked into our front garden.

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