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West Dulwich Station Ice
Posted by: Indiana 01 March, 2018 21:36

I have lived in WD for the best part of 27 years. This Tuesday my wife slipped and fell on ice at the bottom of the platform2 path around 6:45pm. Firstly I want to thank the brilliant people who helped her and if you are on this thread could you contact me on 07791 145436. Louise needs surgery on her clavicle and I believe the bottom of that platform was slippery from mid afternoon and at night is always dark and she couldnít see the ice. There was no grit (one of the guys who helped came back and put table salt down) and no signage. I have friends who use he station and have backed
This up but I would like to speak with people who were there when my wife fell as she now canít work and I donít want this to happen to anyone else. They warned about this weather at the weekend so why wasnít it grtitted or signs visible on that long dark slope?
Thanks, Matt

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