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Picking kids up from school (esp Rosendale)
Posted by: LordAshley 24 April, 2018 17:20

Hi All,

I've got a question regarding any solutions to the "kids finishing school at 5.50 (that's after the after-school clubs) and parents being able to pick them up at 6.15 earliest" problem.

I've now realised, after having asked a lot of my old and current friends, that almost all of us had some grandparent or otherwise older relative that would be home when we finished school. We're a young-ish couple, both working, it'll be neigh impossible to leave work at 5.15pm every other day to pick our daughter up.

So I'm wondering, what solutions have you heard of for this conundrum?

Many thanks,

Re: Picking kids up from school (esp Rosendale)
Posted by: Wallingford 27 April, 2018 17:54

So we have a similar problem - my wife has dropped her days, so doesnt work Fridays now, but we have to share mornings sometimes with friends or one parent goes into work early and do a stint before the rest of the team gets in or take work home with you after leaving at 5.15 to get what needs to done.

Other options are child minder / Nanny / aupair but that does start to get expensive


Re: Picking kids up from school (esp Rosendale)
Posted by: MtnBikeChick 30 April, 2018 13:20

Presumably you will also need childcare during school holidays?
I have two kids at school, nursery and year 3. Since they started, I have had a live-in junior nanny who does more hours than an au pair but less than a FT nanny. The salary is more than an au pair but less than an live-in FT nanny as a result (about half a FT live in salary). It has been life changing!! She does the school drop off and pick up four days a week so the kids don't have to stay in after school club and she also looks after them during the school hols, when we are not on family hols, because our annual leave doesn't stretch to cover all the school hols unfortunately!! I recommend Au Pair World website.
The only other solution is an after school live-out nanny to do the pick up and bring kids home. Not as easy to find but possible - we used to have this when we had one child at childcare nursery (not school nursery) to do 5-7pm.

Re: Picking kids up from school (esp Rosendale)
Posted by: LordAshley 10 May, 2018 15:46

Many thanks MTBChick, I'll look into this AuPairWorld website. How would you go about finding a live-out nanny though?

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