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Nimby alert!
Posted by: jackiei68 07 June, 2018 12:47

Just heard this from the Dulwich Society:

"Alleyn Road development: 71 of 96 residents in the road have signed a petition to the Dulwich Estate about the planned redevelopment of No 57 Alleyn Road. No application has actually been made though the developer/owner recently had a brief public consultation to show his initial thoughts."

Wow. I don't know much about the proposals - I heard the owner's planning to knock down the existing derelict house and build two houses in its place - but I object to a bunch of well-connected millionaires to try to block any development before any firm proposals have been made. I would have thought a couple of nice new houses would be a big improvement on what's currently there. And no, I'm not the developer! I just don't like to see the privileged few using their money and influence like this.

Re: Nimby alert!
Posted by: JLB:) 08 June, 2018 08:28

Is this the house on the corner plot just after the railway bridge? The two new houses wouldn't bother me but let's be honest, they will hardly be affordable housing for regular folk anyway. The plot sold for about 1.8 million didn't it? Just millionaires telling another millionaire they can't build two more million pound houses. Petty

Re: Nimby alert!
Posted by: Kaa 08 June, 2018 15:45

This is your 1st post just happens to be the same day of registering. Alghough I don't live on the Alleyn road, I live near enough to know that this house doesn't look derelict. Also the idea of the DE is to preserve the character of the area, don't see why the developer should be allowed to do build two houses there.

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