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Junction of Dalmore Rd and South Circular
Posted by: simps22 10 August, 2018 11:12

Has anyone else had the misfortunate to have a crash at this junction? I lost control of my scooter at this junction yesterday at no more than 5-8mph when I crossed from the tarmac onto the brickwork coming up Dalmore Road. I have noticed previously that this was slippery and yesterday being a particularly wet day, the first in a very long time, as I approached the junction and was slowing down my scooter skidded and I fell flat on my face. I feel fortunate that no car was turning in and I got away with hopefully what will be only small injuries.

I have used this junction for over 4 years so know to be careful. I also know that there have been accidents at this junction in the past and wondering what have been the causes. I am concerned this will happen to someone else who may not be as lucky as me and get away with little injury.

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