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Vicious dog attack in Belair Park mon19nov - no further action required
Posted by: FrankM 20 November, 2018 16:55

My Weimaraner female sustained severe injuries in Belair Park yesterday afternoon around lunchtime following an altercation with a dark grey male staffie/ pitbull type dog. An older lady in a dark hooded jacket was walking him and she said it was her daughterís dog. Initially she claimed he was a good boy and never fought however a few minutes later she confessed that she had her hand bitten the previous week as he had been fighting with a husky.

She was accompanied by another older lady who was walking what looked like a fairly young Rhodesian Ridgeback. Initially the Ridgeback chased my other dog, a six month old pup over to the trees and I was just returning from rescuing her when it kicked off. Her dog sustained zero injuries and at the time I didnít realise the extent of my dogís harm. I saw her bleeding and I just wanted to get out of there and to the vet. As I was crossing into the other side of Belair I came across two women who each had dogs and told them to put their dogs on the lead. As I did this it started to become apparent the extent of my dogís injuries and so I asked one of the ladies to hold my dogs as I wanted to go back to let her know that it was serious..

Shockingly enough the dog was off the lead and running around. My anger got the better of me and I told her to lead the dog whilst making her aware of the injuries sustained by my dog. Clearly this woman is not fit to deal with such a temperamental and aggressive dog and as it wasnít the first time it had been involved in an altercation I feel it is my duty to make everyone else aware of the situation and hopefully to ensure that this dog is at very least muzzled/ lead-walked going forward.

My dog has just come out of surgery and has a 30cm stitches wound going from the top of her back to her tummy. She is in a great deal of pain and discomfort and whilst getting the best of care and round the clock attention, itís so traumatising to have to watch her suffer in this way. She is almost nine years old and has never been in a fight in her life.

Whilst not trying to start a witch hunt, we would be very much obliged if anyone who may know of this lady and her dog to contact me via private message in order to begin official proceedings to ensure the same thing doesnít happen to anyone else!


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Re: Vicious dog attack in Belair Park mon19nov - help required
Posted by: FrankM 21 November, 2018 10:49

I have just spoken to the local dog warden, Mark Newell, and he is happy to be contacted independently on this issue on the following email:

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