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Oakfield Prep
Posted by: kw1979 30 January, 2019 17:07


I was wondering if anyone had any views on Oakfield please? In particular the perception since the new Head started 18 months ago.

I'd really love any insight that you may have. My daughter has an offer from them, which we're trying to decide on.

Thank you

Re: Oakfield Prep
Posted by: emmalovessparkles 08 June, 2019 00:49

Hi did anyone respond at all?

My 5yo Daughter and I are moving back to Dulwich from Singapore this summer and Iíve accepted a place at Oakfield. I loved the school when I looked around, but frankly Iím still not 100% convinced the investment is necessary for primary. My Daughter will be going in to year 2 in September... assuming I go ahead with it.

Iíd love to hear some more recent experiences from current parents. Positive or negative. Iíve read ever possible reference to the school online and most are 5yrs+ old now!

Re: Oakfield Prep
Posted by: emmalovessparkles 15 June, 2019 04:42

Anyone? Iíd love to hear some thoughts and experiences on Oakfield prep.

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