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When do kids summer camps run until?
Posted by: emmalovessparkles 14 August, 2019 19:39

So do all of the kid's camps finish next week? Arghhh my daughter doesn't go back to school until 4 September!

I've just moved back to Dulwich after 9yrs overseas, now with a 6yo child. We've stayed at my parents for 7wks which has been great on the child care front. Next week will be our first in London, on our own two-feet. She'll go to the sports camp at Dulwich College... I just assumed I'd book her in until late August/early Sept!

She might be packing her bags and heading back to the grandparents again!

Re: When do kids summer camps run until?
Posted by: Elki 21 August, 2019 14:51

I haven't managed to find any clubs running locally next week. I believe it's because, even though term doesn't start until the week after for the children, the staff are back in school next week. We use Sitters for the days we don't have enough annual leave to cover. Perhaps there's a non-school based club that I'm not aware of though...?

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