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Rosendale Road - Traffic
Posted by: nikkov 31 August, 2019 16:43

Hi All,

We recently moved to Rosendale Road and we are quite frustrated by the heavy traffic in the road. Has the traffic always been as heavy and speedy as recently? Has it something to do with the road closure in West Norwood?

Hoping for some feedback.


Re: Rosendale Road - Traffic
Posted by: snowypeebles 12 September, 2019 11:14

Hi there,

I've lived on Rosendale Road for a decade and there has always been a problem with speeding traffic , though it has definitely worsened with the West Norwood roadworks. I live near the roundabout by the pub and in the last year have seen a crash with someone driving through the roundabout, plus a woman overturned her car 'avoiding a squirrel'. There were three fire engines to turn the car. The driver was ok but she must have been speeding.

It's worth contacting your councillor to raise this. I don't know exactly where you're based but my councillor is Pete Elliott (you could well be different though). Lambeth had plans to change the layout of Rosendale Road but these haven't progressed because the police had concerns. The speed limit is 20 but cars regularly go at 40 or more. Someone is going to be killed before too long.


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