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ALERT!!! Martell Rd Park Hall Business Centre proposed development
Posted by: Laura Orsini 25 April, 2021 16:13

Parkhall Business Centre is proposing to develop the roof space of its block C, transforming it into roof terraces for the amenity of its tenants and to be used as office space.
quote - "The addition of the roof terraces will benefit the existing building, ensuring its use as a high-quality, sought-after office space"
"provide high quality amenity space, consisting of the following elements: - Refurbishment of external maintenance terraces to be made accessible to office tenants. - Provision of new finishes and fittings including floor decking and external lighting - Installation of new balustrades and handrail" - end quote

In highlighting the benefits to the building and its occupants (and the owners' pocket, no doubt) the plan conveniently makes no mention of the likely impact on the street and its residents. As it stands, the Business Centre contribution to the neighbourhood consists of: nice cappuccino, heavy traffic noise and air pollution, parking shortage, day-time noise, light overspill at night and the occasional illegal rave (see end of January 2020, when some 50 police officers with riot shields turned up to disperse an unauthorised gathering inside the building).
As well as the social impact, the environmental footprint doesn't get a mention either as there is no plan, should the roof terraces be built, to offset it.
Parkhall Business Centre planning application to Lambeth Council can be viewed on

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