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Dulwich here we come....
Posted by: colinc 09 February, 2011 15:50

After visiting Dulwich and liking the area a lot, as well as recommendations from friends, we are planning to move into the area in the the summer. Not knowing much about the area so I have a few questions. I would appreciate any advice you have to give me.

1) I am moving with my wife and 2 year old son so am looking for an area with good nurseries/schools as well as transport links to London and Denmark Hill. I am leaning towards West Dulwich at the moment but I was advised Herne Hill is good too. Are there other specific areas I should be looking?
2) I only have a modest budget and there doesn't seem to be too much on the market at the moment. Is that likely to change in the spring/summer? Are property prices on the up at the moment?
3) I have looked around for nurseries and schools and have found a few that I like namely Oakfield, Elm Wood Children's Centre, Rainbow Smiles, Rosendale. Can anyone tell me what their experiences are with these nurseries or if they recommend any other ones.

Thanks for your input.

Re: Dulwich here we come....
Posted by: chloe 09 February, 2011 16:13

I would check that your desired nursery has space before moving. Lots of people move here for the schools and nurseries. Nellys is the best but has a 2 year waiting list, oakfield and rosemead are private preps. Other nurserys -rainbow smiles and asquiths have no waiting list (usually for a reason) or closed lists rosendale CC. It costs about 450k-500k for a basic family home in west dulwich and that was in the middle of the slump.

Re: Dulwich here we come....
Posted by: John247 09 February, 2011 16:26

Can't really help on nurseries and schools. In terms of property, the prices vary a lot depending on the roads - houses on Carson, the central stretch of Rosendale, Dalmore, Alleyn, and Alleyn Park Roads go for serious money.

Re: Dulwich here we come....
Posted by: ljs 09 February, 2011 18:57

We live in West Dulwich , well, until Friday that is !!

Our daughter goes to Dulwich Montessori which is on College rd, there is also the amazing Dulwich Wood Nursery, on Lyall Avenue which has the best outside play area... There is also, Asquiths and Little Starz on Bentons lane and Clive Hall on Clive rd.... It really depends if you need a day nursery or not.

We live on Clive rd and we love it.

I think W Dulwich might be a little cheaper than Herne Hill ???

Good luck.

Re: Dulwich here we come....
Posted by: colinc 15 February, 2011 22:57

Thanks for all your advice. We have just registered for Oakfield based on the fact that its close to the station and we like that its a prep school rather than just a nursery. Can anyone tell us of their experience with Oakfield? Its always good to hear from other parents. We quite like Dulwich College Prep as well, but that starts at 3 so might send our son there when he's older.

Re: Dulwich here we come....
Posted by: Mum to 2 boys 19 February, 2011 15:39

I have 2 boys at Oakfield and they love it, as do we! My younger boy joined the nursery at 2, older one at 3 into the pre-prep (they are now 4 and 5), we have found the school to have a wonderful caring and nurturing environment - but with a certain amount of strictness and lots of learning with play. A new head joined this term, view from parents I know is that this is only going to improve the school. Good luck with your move.

Re: Dulwich here we come....
Posted by: Westsoutheast 20 February, 2011 09:12

if you are on a budget for property you may wish to look closer to the west norwood end of dulwich... or indeed the dulwich end of west norwood...

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