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Virtual Magic Shows for Adults and Children
Posted by: simonrosselli 01 October, 2020 14:44

Due to the current environment we are now offering Virtual Magic Parties. I can now host these virtual parties via the Zoom application direct to your Laptop/Phone or Smart Device. These take place from a study in Hogwarts Castle. Itís interactive, fun and Magical and there is a lot of Audience Participation with the Birthday child being the star of the show. Fluffy the Rabbit makes an appearance, we get to see if anyone else has special magical powers, you get to see a world famous Money Making Machine and the birthday child shows how to make sweets by Magic Ė followed by a Certificate promoting them to Magicians Apprentice (which is later sent via the post). Games are also available with spot lights on the best dances in the room. Most importantly itís Magical but fun is had by one and all.

Once youíve made the booking I will send you a link which you share with all your attendees. I make you the co-host so that you admit people from the waiting room. On the day I open the meeting with you 15 minutes before hand to make sure everything is fine and for a sound check.

We also have an older childrenís Magic Show which is for 9+. They donít want to be shouting Abracadabra or Izzy Whizzy Lets Get Busy anymore and want to see some interactive close up magic which takes place in their hands. They have many chances to win money (but never do) and this keeps them very much involved. They see cards visibly change in front of their eyes; rabbits multiplying in their hands, telepathy, ESP, mentalism and telekinesis. They also get to see Houdiniís ring vanish off a locked chain and reappear back on the finger it started on, along with the famous Money Making Machine. They leave truly spellbound. We also can teach Magic during a second hour so they go away with new found skills and a new hobby which will stimulate their interest and open new doors to them.

We also have Virtual Magic & ESP Shows available for Adults as well. Itís fun, interactive and there is lots of audience participation. Rings vanish, rope is cut and restored, cards float and there is also some Mind Reading and ESP, along with his famous Money Making Machine. A great time is had by one and all.

A cabaret or parlour show is also available which is to the whole room at one time. This is a truly exciting and special show and Simon draws people into his world, with laughter and magic. This is normally preceded by a fun quiz and based on the audienceís answers they get to come and help, so it is very interactive and often ends up with hilarious consequences but there are also some things that leave you to truly wonder how it was done Ė especially with the Mind Reading and Magic Square. Shows can normally run between 20 Ė 50 minutes depending on what is required and can be tailored to your specific needs. For more info or Tel: 0208 480 8176

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