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New Physiotherapy Clinic opens in Dulwich
Posted by: SC Physiotherapy 12 November, 2020 10:44

My name is Solomon Canevaro and I am a Consultant Sports Physiotherapist based in Herne Hill.

I have just open SC Physiotherapy (Solomon Canevaro Physiotherapy) in Herne Hill. I offer manual therapy, Reformer Pilates, acupuncture and sports massage.

My website Link: []

My Google business Link to see pictures and reviews is: []

This is my story

My approach: I combine a bespoke manual therapy, reformer Pilates and functional strength training approach to eliminate pain and cure the underlying cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.

My approach is based on the latest industry-leading and science-based management of your injuries.

My expertise: I completed my Physiotherapy training in London in 2003, before traveling to Australia to complete further specialist training in muskulosketal dysfunction and sports injuries. There I completed my MSc in one of the best Universities in the world (Queensland University Brisbane Australia) with a specialization in spinal manipulation and core stability training. By collaborating with some of the world leading experts in physiotherapy, I gained specialist knowledge in the management of musculoskeletal injuries.

Returning to the UK: After returning to the UK, I have gained further experience by treating a huge variety of conditions. This ranges from both elite sports teams and individuals, dancers, runners, cyclist to patients suffering with lower back pain, neck pain and office based postural dysfunctions.

Moving to Dulwich: I have lived in Dulwich/Herne Hill area for the last 15 years, initially moving to the area to take on the position of Sports Physiotherapist for the Dulwich College rugby team, while working for ESPH. This included the management of their injuries before games, pitch side cover and traveling with the team. Many of the boys in the first team went on to play for Saracens and England at senior level

Working at Dulwich College: While working at Dulwich College, I was also in charge of running the sports injury centre at the Dulwich Sports club treating a variety of conditions linked to the boys sporting injuries. My role also included running the Pilates classes for many of the club members and local residents.

Incorporating Physiotherapy and machine based Pilates: It was after this great experience, that I decided to combine my advance Physiotherapy skills gained in Australia with Pilates Equipment, to create a more holistic approach. By merging the benefits of Pilates Equipment training, advance manual therapy, acupuncture and biomechanical corrections, I soon realised the powerful effects on injury management.

Consulting for Six Physio: I have been a consultant physiotherapist at Six Physio in the city for a number of years, been involved in the training of their physiotherapist and the management of complex musculoskeletal injuries with some of the countries best consultants and specialist.

By working at the top of the sports and outpatients physiotherapy environment, I have gained specialised knowledge and understanding in how to manage injuries and provide the necessary tool for patients.

Six Physio was voted by The Sunday Times Top 100 Small Companies for a number of years, and I am proud to have been part of this great adventure and supported their rise to the top of the profession.

The opening of SC Physiotherapy: After moving from Dulwich to Herne Hill in 2019, I decided to open up SC Physiotherapy (Solomon Canevaro Physiotherapy) to be able to offer my expertise and specialised skills to both Dulwich and Herne Hill residents, while still Consulting out of Six Physio in the City.

I was able to create a fully functioned Pilates Equipment/Physiotherapy treatment room in the hearth of North Dulwich/Herne Hill.

My method: I start with a in depth MOT and physical screening of each patient to understand what their biomechanical dysfunctions are, by using the latest video analysis software. This allows me to identify areas of reduced strength and mobility, which may be causing overload on the bodies tissues.

The actual treatment: I will then combine great manual therapy work, functional strength training and Equipment Pilates to ensure the problem is cured. I will provide you with a tailored, bespoke exercises program to ensure you maintain the necessary strength and mobility to keep the tissue in good health.

What causes an injury: Most injuries are caused by a combination of reduced mobility and decreased strength.

The solution for curing most injuries is the identification of which parts of your body need to increase flexibility (The Stiff Parts) and the parts of your body which need to get stronger (The Bendy Bits).

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