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Transfer your old home videos to digital
Posted by: niall_trask 02 February, 2021 02:30

I'm a local filmmaker but unfortunately my work has totally dried up in the past year. This spurred me on to use my arsenal of professional analog video equipment (usually used to film bands!) to set up a service whereby I can take your old home movies and digitise them.

I can convert any format, this includes miniDV, VHS, Hi8 and many more.

I ask that you provide a hard drive for me to copy mp4's onto but I'm happy to cater for whatever you need and advise.

I'm charging 10.85 (London Living Wage) per hour of footage. A quick google search will inform you that is very cheap compared to other companies providing the same service!

This price includes a pick-up and drop-off, whilst adhering to social distancing and Covid concerns! I ask that you drop off yourselves for small orders.

An average videotapes lifespan is only 30 years. The older you tape gets, the more likely it is to be affected by scratching or mould. This puts tapes at much greater risk for poor picture quality. So let's get digitising!

A lot of people have used the service to digitise videos for elderly family members as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. It's been very moving hearing about families being surprised with personal footage of loved ones that they've not seen in decades!

I'm very happy to answer any questions you have.

Please get in touch at 07965 757 042.


Here is a kind testimonial that I received in the summer from a family up in North London:
Our son follows Niall's work and through his introduction we met. Niall digitised our collection of family videos, over 40 hours of footage taken on miniDV cassettes when the children were babies. The task was very efficiently carried out with superb results and a quick turn around, collected by him
and returned by him.

For us, it was very important to find someone trustworthy, the tapes had been waiting for safe hands to do the work for over ten years! Niall is definitely a safe pair of hands. In meeting him we were reassured that not only would the task be done to a high standard but that he understood what it meant to us to hand over our precious family videos. He is professional, well-spoken, polite, and has both good timekeeping and attention to detail.

Thank you for the hours of joy we can now watch and share with family. We highly recommend Niall.

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