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English or Italian as foreign languages - Private Tutor
Posted by: speakwithmaria 14 March, 2022 08:31

Does learning English or Italian as a second language knock you down?

Do you need one-to-one support for GCSE or A levels exams coming up soon? Indeed, if you have GCSE or A levels exams coming up now is the right time to get the support you need with bespoke weekly or fortnightly conversations and injections of tips, special instructions and reviews of your study.

Have you had projects and work rejected because of lack of appropriate language skills?
Do you think time has come to prove you can speak a foreign language but you feel embarrassed to go back to study and practice, for instance learning phonetics or reading aloud?

You are not alone! the good news is that you can have my one-to-one Speak with Maria support available, locally, at very honest prices that vary from 25 to 60 per session per student, either online or face to face.

My typical pupils are already at pre-intermediate or intermediate level (A2/B1), they want to progress further in the use of a second language for study or for work, for business purposes, to develop specialistic or functional language skills or just to full enjoy their second language in their family and social life.

Above all I am able to help people that need and want to acquire fluency and confidence while using a foreign language. Examples: Spanish chef who needs to communicate fluently with suppliers and members of staff; English family man who needs to acquire Italian citizenship; Bilingual undergraduate student that needs to pass language test to enrol into foreign University course.

What about me? I am a 58yo management consultant, qualified Librarian, IT project manager in controlled environments, published author, ICT Technician registered with the Engineering Council, retrained as as food safety and nutritional coach during the pandemic lockdown.

I have a wide range of experiences as a teacher / tutor / coach / instructional designer and e-learning entrepreneur. My education background is in the humanities, social sciences and information and communication technologies. I have a passion for lifelong learning, foreign language acquisition and public understanding of science and outstanding results as private language tutor.

I am currently recruiting max three students, adults or teenagers.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for more information (preferably) via email

Many thanks

Maria Longo
0788 7990108

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Re: English or Italian as foreign languages - Private Tutor
Posted by: speakwithmaria 29 March, 2022 12:00

Hello everybody interested in learning Italian from Y1 to Y13 and beyond. It sounds a very interesting commitment!

I do not offer courses for beginners at the moment and I do not have any plan to do so at present as I explained in my previous message.

I strongly recommend to check the list of Italian language and culture courses offered in many many schools, including our areas, supervised by the Education Department of the Consulate General of London available at this page:

I am delighted to tutor you and support you and your children from pre-intermediate or intermediate level (A2/B1), at least in year 10! Guaranteed results :)

Best wishes


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