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Driving instructor??
Posted by: nessie 19 November, 2009 20:50

any recomendations glady recieved or is bsm my best bet?


Re: Driving instructor??
Posted by: daizie 20 November, 2009 09:38

It depends on what instructor you have. My daughters just tried bsm, had four lessons with them, with a right miserable old git, who smoked throughout. Surely thats not very proffesional. Now with the AA driving school and a better instructor. I think they're both the same price.

Re: Driving instructor??
Posted by: nessie 20 November, 2009 23:16

cool - thanks for advice x

Re: Driving instructor??
Posted by: dontforgetthegoldfis 01 December, 2009 01:05

Smoking whilst teaching someone to drive??? Seriousely!!!
I am in need of a driving instructor also. I am a little older than 17 :-) and nervous to learn. Any other recommendations would be good please.

Re: Driving instructor??
Posted by: adi2 08 December, 2009 21:12

Check out the website and see what A Driving Instructor London Driving School can do for you. Cheaper than BSM and the AA and still you get quality driving lessons. An instructors grade is rarely advertised and no matter what school you go to it really is about the individual instructor. An instructor is graded from 1 to 6 no matter what the school name is. I'm a grade 5 driving instructor with A Driving Instructor London Driving School. I've just added a post to let you know about the Christmas Offer now on.

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Re: Driving instructor??
Posted by: Nicholas 11 December, 2009 20:06


My name is Nick, from the Nicholas Driving Academy,I have been based in East Dulwich for many years, and have taught loads of different types of pupils from beginners to advanced, where age is irrelevant.I have proven track record and I'm Dulwich through and through. See my recommendations, they go back a long way.
The vehicle I use is easy to drive and low on the emissions.

For an informal chat feel free to call me on 07956-221706

Re: Driving instructor??
Posted by: Kaa 12 July, 2018 11:49

If anyone is looking for a good driving instructor, I can highly recommend Silvano Bozza. Iím a woman of over 40 and passed my test yesterday (first attempt). I can not thank him enough for his patience (and he needed lots in my case). He is very professional, was always on time for our lessons and very accommodative when I needed extra time/lessons just before the test.
His contract details:

Re: Driving instructor??
Posted by: mich19 27 July, 2022 09:48

When I was 19 my driving instructor in quali school used to direct me to various places, tell me to park up then jump into the shop or the garage I had parked outside and be in there for about 15 mins obviously conducting personal business! Another time I was directed to a house and he sounded the horn and a woman came out and got in the back then I was directed to her destination to drop her off! :eek: I was too young and shy at the time to confront him about it but I wish I had now. Driving lessons are expensive enough without time wasters like that, dump him and find a new one.

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