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The Life Coaching Zone SE CRYSTAL PALACE
Posted by: DenisGorceBourge 31 May, 2012 08:19

The Life Coaching Zone SE will meet for the first time on the 14th June at 7pm at the Crystal Palace Osteopathic Practice, 10 Westow Street in Crystal Palace.
The main aim of this live group is to offer group life Coaching to a maximum number of persons.
It is the most economical way to work on your own life goals and listen and benefit from others life coaching principles.
What one person lives is usually not far from what another goes through.
Stress management, relationship improvement, confidence and self-esteem, financial struggle, and many more...
For 15, once a month, you can benefit from the expertise and experience of a great professional.
The Facebook Group will be fed with the content of the live group experience and with your own contribution, comments and questions.!/groups/422833477746873/?notif_t=group_r2j
You can contact me for more info. 07815844134

Denis Gorce-Bourge
Life Coach & Psychotheralist

Re: The Life Coaching Zone SE CRYSTAL PALACE
Posted by: minh 02 November, 2012 07:14

More info:

Re: The Life Coaching Zone SE CRYSTAL PALACE
Posted by: thusau1 16 November, 2012 07:37

Reference more :

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