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Posted by: wills61 07 June, 2012 01:14

my daughter has been offered a place at Kingsdale Foundation School, West Dulwich. We will be moving down to London, and want to rent somewhere nearby, or within a reasonable distance to the school. We need somewhere with 3 bedrooms, and have a budget of around 800 per month. I have heard the

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: talby 07 June, 2012 10:51

I am sorry to say that I think you will be hard up finding a 3 bedroom place for 800 in west dulwich. We rent a 3 bedroom terraced house for 1400 and even that is the cheaper end. I have recently been looking myself on, and others and there is nothing for less than 1400 + for 3 bedrooms - even flats.

I wish you luck though.

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: wills61 07 June, 2012 23:58

Thanks for your response. we don't know the areas near Kingsdale School, I was wondering if we looked in Sydenham,Tulse Hill, or Forest Hill,or Brixton, it may be cheaper, but as I said before I don't know the areas, and we want to be able to walk, or really no more than 1 bus ride away from the school.

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Re: Accommodation
Posted by: frustratedmother 08 June, 2012 09:42

the nearest bus route is the no 3. the area between west norwood and the paxton green roundabout might be cheaper?Might be better to talk to letting agents in that area .

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: minder 10 June, 2012 22:07

Do Kingsdale offer places to students outside London then? I just assumed that it has a catchment area. I remember reading around 6 months ago that children who live just around the corner from Kingsdale didn't get a place there? Maybe their policy has changed I don't know.

I went to the school many years ago and you had to live within a certain distance etc. My sisters and me had to travel on two buses to get there or walk as it's quite an isolated school up in the top end of the borough.

There are train stations nearby e.g. Gipsy Hill or West Dulwich.

Maybe you should have researched accommodation in the area before you applied to the school? Even Brixton, with a No. 3 bus ride straight to the school is expensive.

Hope things work out for you but welcome to London!

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: wills61 11 June, 2012 00:30

I think the school catchment area criteria would have come into play if we were applying for a year 7 place, and we already lived in London. Even then, families must move to London from other towns all the time, so catchment areas couldn't apply. My daughter has been offered a place in the 6th form, which she applied for in 2011. Yes we have done some research into accommodation but as she applied to 4 different 6th forms it has been quite a task. Now we know which school she has chosen, we can finally progress in finding somewhere to live.
Thank you for your contribution.

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: shelly 16 December, 2012 19:41

800 for a 3 bedroom I don't think ur going to get anythink under 1300 .

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: Suzie 01 February, 2013 13:33

In the Sixth Form, catchment areas do not apply. In fact, state schools round here would do anything to increase the numbers in their Sixth Forms. At other times, catchment areas (or other admission criteria eg church schools) apply, but these do not always comint play if one is just looking for a place in years 8-11 as there's not that much competition, and children do leave if they move etc.

Brixton is the cheapest area round here, but in general, it costs about 700 a month just for a decent room in a decent house. I think you will be unlikely to get a 3 bedroom flat for 800 but you could always contact the council (Lambeth) and ask if they have any hard to let flats.

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: wills61 01 February, 2013 23:57

Hi Suzie
Thank you for your reply. We are now living on London, but unfortunately the only 3 bed property that we could find for 800 pm is in Eltham. My daughter has a 90 minutes bus journey to and from Kingsdale School every day, so we are still very keen to get somewhere closer. We have been here since Sept and I have looked around different, more affordable area other than West Dulwich, and I think we are going to look for something in Brixton/Denmark Hill, or Camberwel. Thank you for tip about approaching the council about hard to let properties.I think I am also going to try to up my budget to 1000 pm

Re: Accommodation
Posted by: n11 02 February, 2013 12:52

try west norwood - cheaper than west dulwich and still near kingsdale - a few kids from west norwood go to the school.

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