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Posted by: ally 12 October, 2008 01:16

Does anyone know of a way to deter foxes from coming into a garden? We have several visits from foxes a day. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the horrid poo they leave behind....

Re: Foxes
Posted by: nessie 12 October, 2008 16:01

male urine is good but not easy to administer... an alternative i am yet to try but that apparently works is to scatter human hair around (maybe ask the hairdressers for a bag)...

good luck x

Re: Foxes
Posted by: woofmarkthedog 16 January, 2009 12:55

Grrrr take from a dog like me.......Man wee works...jus don't make it obvious....difficult one to explain when your caught at mid-night waking round the garden with your hampton out....wee near the entry / exit points house/kennel backs into a foxs use as a cut does deter them .....& you could use a watering can..

grrr wooof

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