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Important Health advice after giving birth
Posted by: NESTLondon 07 April, 2014 22:11

There are important conditions to be aware of for mothers and babies as many conditions are easier to treat if women realise sooner they are at risk of becoming unwell, so it is vital this information gets to them early

Signs the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) says women should be told to look out for include heavy or persistent vaginal bleeding, fever, a rash, headaches, shortness of breath, pain or swelling in the legs, vulval or perineal areas, and difficulty or pain in passing urine.

In babies, symptoms include a temperature above 38C, a rash, feeding less than usual, floppiness, grunting while breathing and nappies being much drier than usual.

It's useful to be aware of the NICE guidelines of the most severe complications. Hopefully, these will not be relevant for you but forewarned is forearmed.

The relevant pages contained in the NICE guidelines which have advice on life-threatening conditions for mothers and babies start on page 22:

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Re: Important Health advice after giving birth
Posted by: digitalworkshed 09 June, 2014 11:34


Re: Important Health advice after giving birth
Posted by: FitnessModel 05 October, 2014 19:52

Useful for fathers to :) thanks

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