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Fish Shop - Herne Hill
Posted by: mrsroons 13 February, 2009 09:45

Does anyone know what has happened to the fish shop just by Herne Hill station? It seems to have closed down, but can't read the signs from the bus!

Re: Fish Shop - Herne Hill
Posted by: Dull Itch 13 February, 2009 11:24

It has shut down. There is something on the Herne Hill Forum about it. There is a new fishmongers in West Norwood that is apparently very good according to some of the people on Virtul Norwood. It has taken over from the old fishmongers that shut down last year.

Re: Fish Shop - Herne Hill
Posted by: downsouth 13 February, 2009 11:29

There's a thread about the new fishmongers here,1846,1846#msg-1846 and an article on page 16 of this month's Lambeth Life

Re: Fish Shop - Herne Hill
Posted by: zebra 13 February, 2009 12:49

The fish shop in Herne Hill has a sign saying that they have been booted out of their shop by the landlord - probably non-payment of the rent.

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