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Join the secret battle of London in a free game that gets you moving
Posted by: sdk 01 July, 2016 15:40

Some questions for you...
Want a good excuse to walk more? (Who wouldn’t, it is great for you!)
Do you like to explore?
Do you enjoy ‘capture the flag’ games? Or Geocaching? Or both?!

If the answer is yes to any of the above (for yourself or anyone you know), then I can recommend trying a game played by millions across the world called ‘Ingress’ ( - you can download and play it for free for your Android or iOS phone.

It has been going for a few years and has great reviews, such as this:

“I'm definitely not a "gamer" but I find Ingress completely captivating. The teamwork aspect makes it really fun, and the fact that it's played in the REAL world is (pardon the pun) a game-changer. Since I started playing Ingress a month ago, I've spent a great many hours walking around my city and getting to know places I'd never seen before.”

Reasons to play...
Personally, I love it - it encourages a good walk as you go to capture the flags (portals) based on points of public interest; I’ve met so many lovely people and made good friends; it’s given me an excuse to go for a walk at lunchtime, I’ve lost weight, and I’ve just had a lot of fun.

Perfect too if you have to move around a lot as part of your daily life.
Commute on a bus? It makes the commute shoot by.
Walk a dog? Brilliant. You’ll want to go for epic treks!
Push a pram? My friend was always volunteering to go and take the baby for a long stroll smiling smiley
Cycle or drive around? Adds an extra dimension to the journey!
Travel nationally or internationally? You’ll have new friends all over country and world!
Families play it together too.

Give it a try, I hope you’ll enjoy it too, or suggest it to someone who you think might like it.

There are two sides to choose from, and right now the green team (called ‘The Enlightened’) could really, really do with your help! We’re a friendly, social bunch (who can often be found in pubs when not moving around) and we’re more than happy to help!

Best wishes.


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