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Skips on the road
Posted by: downsouth 12 November, 2007 15:24

Is it just me or are there more skips on the road than ever? Obviously there's a lot of renovation going on even though it's supposed to be a stagnant housing market...

Re: Skips on the road
Posted by: Flannery 13 November, 2007 08:53

I would imagine tha thaving attracted so many people in recent years, the slump in the market has convinced people to stay-put and to enhance their existing property but yes, plenty of them about

Re: Skips on the road
Posted by: Parkhall76 13 November, 2007 15:25

Flannery - you've got a point. There are tonnes on Rosendale and Clive Roads right now. Sitting tight is probably the smart move isn't it.

Re: Skips on the road
Posted by: downsouth 14 November, 2007 09:25

Yes Rosendale is giving The Olympic Village a run for its money with the number of work men at the moment. I actually think the area is looking smarter than it was a few years ago.

Re: Skips on the road
Posted by: Flannery 14 November, 2007 09:29

To be honest I hadn't expected to be in my tiny flat for getting on 7 years - but I love it to bits and fear moving may mean a bigger but more soulless place with neighbours I don't like. If I'm happy, why move..

(still haven't needed a skip mind you)

Re: Skips on the road
Posted by: LadyDul 14 November, 2007 15:50

Better the devil you know eh Flannery? Moving is always a tough decision and if you're in a chain represents one long headache.

Re: Skips on the road
Posted by: Flannery 19 November, 2007 08:59

indeed LadyDul, indeed. And I have many many years of moving experience behind me so if I can hold out for a bit longer and not do it again, so much the better

Re: Skips on the road
Posted by: zebra 21 November, 2007 18:16

I must admit that I used to get annoyed about the number of skips in the road, but over the summer I greatly contributed with about 4 skip loads of rubble from inside my house so now I have to bite my tongue!

It's definately because the cost of moving is so astronomical and the houses can easily be extended and altered, that more people are staying put and doing building projects. I think it's all for the benefit of the road to have people staying here longer as it creates more of a community feel than having a transient population - you might actually start to recognise the neighbours.

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