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48% in West Norwood & Dulwich (EU-referendum group)
Posted by: FrankW 19 January, 2017 12:05

I guess you all know what 'The 48%' mean in the EU-referendum context and some of you might also know that there is now a large nation-wide group by that name on Facebook (over 50,000 members!). I would like to let you know that we now also have a local group of currently around 18 people from (West-)Dulwich & West Nordood called 'The 48% - Dulwich & West Norwood' covering SE21/SE24/SE27 that I would like to invite you to join!

We plan to get together informally every now and then, the first time will be at Tulse Hill station, in The Railway Tavern
7 Station Rise, on the first of February:

We participate with other Londoners and 48% groups, in particular also our neighbours in Camberwell, Peckham & East Dulwich, in campaigns and discussions regarding Brexit. We're not affiliated with particular political parties and everyone who is a resident of SE21/SE24/SE27, West Norwood & Dulwich, and would like to take part in efforts to keep the UK inside the EU is welcome.

Cheers, Frank

Re: 48% in West Norwood & Dulwich (EU-referendum group)
Posted by: LadyNorwood 19 January, 2017 14:34

How come four of the members are also members of the ED group and another member lives in Berlin, not really representative of Wests Dulwich and Norwood?

Re: 48% in West Norwood & Dulwich (EU-referendum group)
Posted by: FrankW 19 January, 2017 21:21

Hi LadyNorwood,

Thanks for your question! Here is the answer.

Two of the common members (Nigel & Gemma) of both groups are members from others 48% groups who were very helpful in getting our two local groups going with some ideas and moral support One of them (Nigel) had actually provisionally set-up the FB groups as early as last August His idea was to have something in place which he could then invite people to pick up and hit the ground running. Gemma is British, lives in Germany but is very active in the 48% on a national level.

I joined the both groups a while ago out of interest and because I didn't exactly know which of the two I 'belong' two as I live pretty much on the border between East Dulwich and Dulwich. I initially became active in the Camberwell, Peckham & East Dulwich group and there we have gotten to the point that our number of members started growing and we started meeting up (informally in The Phoenix, the Denmark Hill station pub) and making plans.

But I felt bad about our neighbouring group having more than 10 members but no one trying to get things going there as well. So I got in touch with them and they were happy for me to take a bit of a lead in their group as well until one or more volunteers from Dulwich & West Norwood step in and relief me of that duty :) You are welcome any time!!

Finally ... I hope that a bit of overlap will always remain because that makes it easier to take up joint activities when we feel like that is a good idea. For example in the next two weeks the Camberwell, Peckham & East Dulwich group will have a series of 4 informal meetings at 4 different locations spread across our area ... Dulwich & West Norwood members are more than welcome to drop by. A Dulwich & West Norwood meeting is coming up near Tulse Hill later this month.

Once both groups get in the habit of meeting informally offline the online membership of a few people from farther away won't matter very much as the important chats and discussions will happen offline on the spot amongst people who live here.

I hope this clarifies things a little? Letme know when you have more questions!



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