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Masters Student - Infant Observation ( Start ASAP - before June )
Posted by: charle41 06 March, 2021 12:11

Hello Everyone 🙂

Voluntary Infant Observation Opportunity For a Master Degree

Hope you are all well and staying safe.

I am 22 years of age and have just finished my BSc in Psychology and I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Psychodynamics of Human Development at Birbeck University in association with the British Psychotherapy Foundation , as I aspire to become a Child & adolescent Psychotherapist.

An essential component of the degree is infant observations which all aspiring psychotherapist are required to do. This will involve me observing a baby and their family in their day-to-day environment once a week, one hour per session, for two years excluding any holidays, other life commitments etc as I understand people are busy so I am very accomodating and adjustments can be made.

I will be more than willing to arrange an initial meeting with you to explain the details. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the initial meeting and the subsequent infant observation process will be arranged online (Skype, Zoom etc).

The observational process is non-directive, non-interventional. I will be like a listener rather than a teacher/instructor. With your assistance, the study will have an opportunity to learn from your emotional attunement with your baby in a day-to-day family environment.

This project is completely voluntary and tell help an aspiring psychotherapist. The details of the observational process will be kept strictly confidential. I have a Enhanced child and adult DBS on request.

I understand this is a big ask but I would be very appreciative as fulfilling this degree is so important to me and my development as a Child Psychotherapist.
Any questions or queries regarding this opportunity, please do not hesitate to send me a message on next door, Facebook or email me.

Even if this not something you would necessarily be interested in , if you could pass this on to friends and family i would be extremely grateful.

Parents who have previous been involved have felt this was a great opportunity for them to contribute to a better understanding of how infant/mother relationship unfolds so as to help improve dysfunctional or disturbing relationships of other infants and their mothers/carers. We can't help mothers/carers and infants in distress without first understanding the healthy development of that relationship.

I will be able to provide any official documentation from my university and any other information you require.

I have been searching since September and haven't had any luck so far - so any one who can share the word, I would apperciate it.

Have A Good Week everyone !
Ashia Charles
Or direct message me if you have any questions
Please Share this Post to help me find a lovely family!
Thanks youu!!!

Ashia Charles

Ashia Charles

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