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Protecting our children and young people
Posted by: Belinda 27 June, 2021 09:04

Dear parent, carer or person concerned about the well being of the children and young people in our lives

I am extremely concerned at the prospect of our young people and children being given the covid vaccine. While the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) say that the government should hold off injecting our children till further data becomes available, I would suggest this is a temporary stay of action. The government has already produced behavioural change plans for children, classroom materials have been developed. It is even rumoured that children expressing hesitation about the Covid19 vaccine can be reported to PREVENT . For these reasons I think we should be highly prepared in case the government decide to change their mind.

There are many reasons that we should be concerned.

It is not simply the fact that children do not die of corona virus. Or that their capacity to transmit the virus is more limited than others in the population.

It is that the vaccine appears to be causing unacknowledged and insufficiently recognised levels of harm.

Furthermore evidence suggests that the same strong immune system which protects children from covid, causes them to be much more likely to suffer from vaccine harm.

It is therefore essential to resist the vaccination of our children and to question and challenge the covid19 vaccination more broadly.

I have written an extended letter with references which I have posted on Medium here and The Conservative Woman here

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Re: Protecting our children and young people
Posted by: Belinda 09 July, 2021 20:20

Here is a useful letter from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance for parents who do not want their children vaccinated

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