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Anti-social Behaviour/Fear of Crime
Posted by: Ami 15 November, 2007 17:51


I've also posted this on the East Dulwich Forum website. I live in East Dulwich but am currently at University. I'd really appreciate anyone's views on the topic of my dissertation, which is based on the way in which people view youth and crime, and the way in which this is related to how its represented in the media.

Do you think that media portrayal of youth and crime, especially in London, is accurate? Are you affected by antisocial behaviour, or know people who are, or are you worried about violent crime? What kind of demographic do you think people tend to associate this kind of crime with?

I'm really interested in whether people think that the media are over-hyping the issue or whether they think it's an accurate portrayal. I'm also interested in the different aspects of people's fear or crime: what do you worry about, who do you worry about, do you think it's people from the local area who carry out street crime and anti-social behaviour or people coming in from other areas? Or do you not think there's a problem at all in your local area but know other areas where it is?

I'd really appreciate any thoughts about this, either via the forum or if you'd prefer email me on



Re: Anti-social Behaviour/Fear of Crime
Posted by: downsouth 15 November, 2007 21:06

It's a bit of both really. Kids are viewed with deep suspicion but many (not necessarily the majority) don't behave correctly either on the buses - number 3 is a prime example. Many seem to have retrenced into their own words where their lingo is uninteligble even to their parents. They glorify many things which are vulgar, obscene or dangerous. All in all sections of youth are ignorant and they do invoke fear much of which is legitimate in others.

I'm sure others may disagree or have their own points of view.

Re: Anti-social Behaviour/Fear of Crime
Posted by: LadyDul 16 November, 2007 10:52

Most of it really is psychological. If you treat children and young people with suspicion the chances are they will live up to your fears. It is self fulfiling prophecy. Yes there are problems but certainly over this way there isn't that much that goes on. There are the low level anti social things like playing music too loud from headsets and graffiti but much of that is done by boys from Dulwich College as is done by Kingsdale. It is called teenage angst and rebelliousness.

Re: Anti-social Behaviour/Fear of Crime
Posted by: downsouth 16 November, 2007 11:16

LadyDul I don't share your benign view of today's youngsters. There is some paranoia but imho much of it is justified.

Re: Anti-social Behaviour/Fear of Crime
Posted by: Parkhall76 16 November, 2007 12:03

For my 2 pence worth.

I think the media and society have a big role to play here. We are taught to consume and want goods which quickly lose their 'value'. So whether it is haves and have nots it that some children simply wants what they can't have or someone else has. Discipline at home and a good upbringing are the best ways to deal with this.

Re: Anti-social Behaviour/Fear of Crime
Posted by: Local 19 May, 2008 21:47

Perhaps if their parents had taken them on the buses more when they were younger, they'd have learned how to behave! ;-)

Re: Anti-social Behaviour/Fear of Crime
Posted by: EMO 15 January, 2009 01:09

I happen to chair both a Safer neighbourhood Panel and also a Crime Prevention Charity. For these two reasons I tend to see both sides of the Story
The original question is in fact very interesting so please forgive the length of posting.
Firstly let’s get some facts clear first
Due to the huge amount of legislation by the present Government, many types of behaviour have only recently become a crime, that is not stay that these types of behaviour are any more or less acceptable than many years ago.

It is widely accepted that about 80%of crime is NOT reported

The actions of the Police and other partner agencies are increasingly formalised. Therefore they have to be specifically defined so many unfortunate actions can no longer be dealt with.

The real issue is how they are dealt with and who exactly deals with them.

In truth the system is in melt down, Partnerships are not as well developed as they should be. And the formalisation of everything means that sensible action say a copper just walking a kid home so that the parents can deal with a minor issue is just not allowed any more.

Crime of all types can be reduced some crimes by as much as 80% but Government is simply not willing to spend our money on it

So is it as bad as the papers say it is in short it is worse. Many crimes do not get reported often. also Government crime figures a re simply not accurate. Many victims are picked up by the medical profession ranging form Domestic Violence through to knife crime but because of professional confidentiality do not report these to the Police only gun shot and child abuse are reported.
To add to this schools pick up on many crimes but again which head wants a bad name for there school? So they deal with it “ In House” so to speak

Lastly a thought “ What is a crime?” Have a think on that.

FYI the highest level of crime in this Country was when- Taking advantage of the black market during the second world war- mainly by house wives trying to feed there family! Most of which was never reported, and just as now many police officers turned a blind eye often for good reason.

If the original poster is dong some academic work in this area I would be happy to have contact just PM me

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