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concussion and 'pulsating pupils'???
Posted by: minitoots 12 February, 2010 10:39

My 14 yr old son suffered mild concussion in PE on tuesday morning when he fell and hit the back of his head on the wall. He thinks he was knocked out for a short time. All his symptoms are fairly textbook signs of an injury to the head apart from one - since the accident the pupils in his eyes are contstantly dilating and constricting even though the light is constant. The pupils look like they are 'pulsing' - getting really dilated and then going back to small about 5 times in a minute. They seem to do it at the same time as each other. He's been checked out by several excellent medical professionals - 2 GPs and then because of these strange symptoms the 2nd GP sent us to casualty yesterday where he was seen by 2 docs (but not a consultant) and none of them had seen anything like this before!! I can't anything relevant online about it and wondered if anyone else has had experience of this sort of thing or can suggest what we do next?

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