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Gipsy Road
Posted by: downsouth 11 December, 2007 10:38

For such a little parade it truly does have some gems. But it still looks a bit unloved. Considering the profile of the residents I think this road has some way to go yet. What sort of shops would best work down that way? A pizzeria, boutique, deli?

Re: Gipsy Road
Posted by: Dull Itch 11 December, 2007 18:58

The problem is that Gipsy Road's main customer base only really includes West Dulwich residents who live at the southern end of South Croxted Road, Alleyn Road and Alleyn Park. Gipsy Hill has a much more mixed population in terms of income. Due to a lack of decent pub's in West Dulwich residents come down to The Mansion and because people in West Dulwich probably eat out often they will want variety and so try the restaurants on Gipsy Road. However, I think it would be different for other types of businesses such as cafe's, deli's, bakeries etc as West Dulwich already has these. So there would be competition. I don't think the immediate area around Gipsy Road could necessarily sustain such businesses without the patronage of West Dulwich residents. Although I think that maybe this will change as people are priced out of Dulwich but still wish to be nearby. I personally would like to see a bakery, a cafe/deli (although now that Blue Mountain has opened I doubt that will happen) and a gift shop. Somehow I can't see it happening as there are two empty premises which have sat that way for ages.

There are some briliant businesses on the parade - The Mansion, Mangosteen, Still Luigi's and The IDC and some real horrors such as Dallas Chicken, Diva's and William Hill. It may not look particularly attractive but the parade is actually very useful. The essential general store has never failed to have the little bits n bobs I have needed and therefore saved me many a trip to B&Q. There is also a chemist, a hairdresser, a Surgery, a BUPA nursery, a vet, a tailor, an estate agents, shoe repairs, fish n chip shop, indian take-away, cost-cutter. Not many parade's offer such variety. It could just do with a good scrub, a few plants and the shop's to take a bit of pride in their appearance.

Re: Gipsy Road
Posted by: downsouth 12 December, 2007 09:11

Although I agree that many of the patrons are WD residents, I would have thought that the residents on the Dulwich Wood Estate (off College Road) and those on Dulwich Wood Avenue, Oaks Avenue, Gipsy Road and Gipsy Hill itself would also be in the bracket of wanting variety. In addition those on Tritton, Clive and Rosendale Roads aren't that far either.

I do think a good scrub, not to mention a wax, would do the road wonders!

Also better use of Belle/Long Meadow would attract more people down the hill from Crystal Palace in the summer.

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