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Re: boring east dulwich
Posted by: John247 26 April, 2011 16:42

I have started to see a few Nathan Barley types in East Dulwich, but I find that amusing more than anything else.

Re: boring east dulwich
Posted by: Tallman 05 August, 2011 13:01

Why is East Dulwich Boring.
Now that this site is back you can post again.

Re: boring east dulwich
Posted by: TheWinglessBird 21 August, 2011 22:37

Maam Wrote:
> The guy who runs it does a sterling job. As for the oddballs who post: fabulous bunch!

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or ignorant.

I'm an ED cat sitter & have met alot of lovely people who have found me via the ED forums. Really down to earth people. It's not ED folk. There is a strong clique on that forum & I don't think those people get out very much.

It's unfortunate that someone hadn't got in there & created an ED forum before the current EDF admin had.

Alot of people I have spoken to don't feel comfortable with engaging in ED forum discussions, & have picked up on the Admins sketchy behavior.

It's a real shame.

Re: boring east dulwich
Posted by: Maam 23 September, 2011 14:15

Just seen this.

I certainly wasn't being sarcastic (at all). Maybe I am ignorant - I don't know (how does one know one is ignorant)?

I really DO think that the guy who runs the EDF does an amazing job. He runs it in addition to working full-time and probably gets little thanks for his efforts. He has to put up with a certain amount of crap too. And yes, I do believe that (the majority, anyway) are a fabulous bunch. You clearly don't agree.

As for the title of this thread, personally, I am rarely bored in East Dulwich. Furthermore, the EDF (with, e.g., its "What's On" and "General Issues" sections) has enhanced/enriched my life in ED.

Re: boring east dulwich
Posted by: Nicholas 01 September, 2013 18:39

I love the EDF and it's very well run and monitored. On every forum in every area you get a few oddballs.

I haven't posted much on this forum but it seems a well run and great forum too. I think some of the comments are bit harsh thou!

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