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Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 07 March, 2011 00:16

Hi everyone,

As you may know Honor Oak Recreation ground is under threat. Southwark are considering turning this into more burial space. Our voices are being heard but we need to get as many people to sign the e-petition as possible,especially Southwark residents because it is Southwark land.
Southwark cabinet ministers are meeting on the 22nd of March and it is important we show we are against the use of any more green space being taken so please show your support by going to:-

Or a quicker way is to just google Honor Oak Rec petition and click on the petition site.

From this site you will also be able to go to the Honor Oak Rec blog spot which has a list of all the Southwark cabinet ministers to contact and also news of the on-going press campaign.

The 22nd of March is only two weeks away so tell as many people as you can and get signing.

There has never been a better time to stand up and be counted!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: GreenGrass 07 March, 2011 12:45

For easy access, here's click on links to the blog and the e-petition:

Don't let's wait for Southwark Council to consult us - let's tell them now!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 09 March, 2011 22:59

Well done to all those who have signed the petition so far and by the time the 22nd of March comes there will be a mighty bunch of names to show Southwark we need to keep this green space!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 12 March, 2011 17:58

Just an update on the news of the rec.

The petition is still going strong 1,469 names have been collected so far and there has been such a response that the goal now is to collect 2000 names (was 1,500). So please do sign. Green space is important and you know how lovley it is to walk around Dulwich Park so please help us keep our rec!

There has been great media interest and on monday even a dutch reporter was doing a story. Scotland,Brighton and Manchester have also reported the story so it seems all eyes are on Southwark and what they are going to do!

The Southwark cabinet meeting is still as far as we know going ahead on the 22nd of March so this really is an important week to sign the petition.

Go forth SE21 and spread the word,Southwark needs it's greenspace!

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Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 14 March, 2011 20:36

Well done to all those still signing the petition including the latest West Dulwich local,Dr Y Sanchez-Pearson
Keep up the good work >:D<

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 20 March, 2011 14:08

Just another update on the rec.

Southwark cabinet ministers are now meeting on the 19th of April (not the 22nd of March)to discuss burial options. This is good news because it means Southwark are taking notice of us but it is important you keep on signing the petition.

April will be 'D' day as space now in Camberwell New Cemetery is very limited.Paths have already been dug up and even outside the cemetery worker's mess room, the land has been used for graves. Due to this shortage of space,burials are now on average one per day!

We have got to be ready to save this green space because they are going to come for it and well done to Gavin White,Ann Howes,John Howes,Chris Thomas and Mrs Sylvia Miles for signing the petition and helping save Honor Oak Recreation ground,keep up the good work!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 24 March, 2011 19:41

Thanks to the latest local names to sign the petition,Joshna Carpenter,Cynthia Dawn Tolan,Zoe Beaumont,Ian Bland,Pru Bland and Heather Webb.

Remember to tell everyone you meet to google 'Honor Oak Petition' and sign,let's keep the names rolling!!!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 28 March, 2011 18:46

Hi everyone,just an update on the rec.

The petition is still going strong,1,606 names have now signed,the goal is 2,000 so keep the show going everyone!!

I don't know if you read the South London Press on friday or if you were in the Nunhead area, you had a chance to glance at any of the news boards outside the newsagents but the illegal dumping court case has now come to an end.
We are led to believe Southwark will now use this land for burial,however this has not been confirmed and we are still being told there is space left in all 3 cemeteries,Camberwell Old,Camberwell New and Nunhead. However if you take a walk in any of the above,your eyes will see a different story,they are digging up roads and finding any space possible.

So April will be an interesting month because if they do decide to use this former nursery site,the rec will be next!

So tell everyone to google,google,google 'Honor Oak Rec' and sign because this is a very important time to protect this green space from being lost forever!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 17 April, 2011 19:43

Thanks to all who have been signing the petition,this will be handed in on Tuesday at the Cabinet Meeting as well as the paper petitions.There are also a number of deputations to speak,Friends of Honor Oak Rec,Fairlawn school,Hillyfielders and Freinds of Peckham Rye Park. So if you are free on Tuesday the 19th at 3:30,please go down to Southwark Town Hall,Peckham Road and help save this vital green space!

The campaign has been very effective and Southwark are now leading a London wide initiative to see how burial space can be created and shared across London.

The rec is not on the short term options to solve this problem instead land will be used in Camberwell Old and New cemeteries with no new plots in Nunhead.
However the rec is still an option for the long term and due to this we need to keep the campaign going so it is very important you continue your support.

Well done to everyone who has signed so far,you may just had made history and changed the way burials will be conducted in London in the future!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 26 April, 2011 21:32

Hello everyone,just an update on the news of the rec.
At the Southwark cabinet meeting last week there was a small victory for us!
Barrie Hargrove (the Southwark cabinet member for Transport,Environment and Recycling) said although the use of the rec is still one of the long term options to solve the burial problem Southwark are facing,it is the least preferred solution.
This is good news but we still have to keep our foot on the campaign pedal!
There will now follow a borough wide consultation on burial space.Therefore it is important to fill in the questionnaire which will be on the Southwark website and also hidden in Southwark Life.
So before you chuck this in the recycling bin please take a second to look inside because your answers will keep the rec as a green space for all to enjoy!

Also please do keep signing the petition as this is still in full force and every name counts!

So keep up the good work everyone,it is people power which is making this campaign work and why it is being so effective!!!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 03 May, 2011 18:15

Good work everyone, keep signing the petition,last night this was standing at 1,940 so with the paper petitions we must be heading towards 3000!!!

So google 'Honor Oak petition' and sign!!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 03 May, 2011 18:20

Also google 'Honor Oak Rec blog' and read what has been happening so far in the campaign!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 03 May, 2011 18:24

Also keep watching out for the consultation questionnaire which should appear in Southwark Life soon!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 03 May, 2011 18:28

Also do keep looking on the Southwark website for the questionnaire to appear.

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 03 May, 2011 19:14

Just to add,there is another questionnaire which is not part of the consultation but is still being used by Southwark to collect information on how many people use the rec and how many people come to visit graves only.
So if anyone reading this goes to Camberwell New Cemetery or the Rec please stop by the office and fill one of these in.
The office is situated through the main gates (Brenchley Gardens entrance) towards the arch way. However before you reach the arch,turn right and you will come to big,double wooden doors,these will lead you into the office.

Despite people being employed to hand these questionnaires out at different times during the day and on different days of the week,I have not yet met anyone who has been asked to fill one in so your input will be very valuable indeed!

It is important to show how many people use the rec compared to the amount of people who visit graves daily.
However please note the office is not open at weekends.

So best foot forward and let Southwark know your views!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 14 May, 2011 21:44

Just to say in Monday's Times (the16th May) there will be a piece on burial space shortage and the important role the Rec is playing in changing the way how burial space in London could be found and used in the future.

This campaign is not only about saving the Rec but in the process bringing about a change so people can still have local burials.
Taking more and more land is not the answer and just delays the problem,we need to see a change in the way burials are conducted now!

For far,too long we have watched our cemeteries become neglected places and a magnet for crime,being places where people feel unsafe to visit loved ones.
Re-using graves over 75 years of age will mean much,needed investment will be spent and if you parden the pun,cemeteries will get a new lease of life!

So play your part in the burial revolution by signing the petition and also by taking part in the Southwark burial consultation,so keep checking Southwark 'Life' magazine and visiting the Southwark website.

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 16 May, 2011 23:35

Just to say the Rec campaign and the call for burial re-use is in the Times tomorrow (17th May) and not today as mentioned in my earlier post.Sorry if anyone wasted a pound but all revolutions have hitches!

It should make very interesting reading indeed!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 05 June, 2011 20:00

Hi everyone,

Watch out for the Southwark 'Life' magazine to be popping through your letter box because inside will be your chance to have your say in the burial consultation.

Remember although there will be no questions on the rec direct,your input will effect the future use of green space.

This is why the topic of re-using graves is being discussed in the media at the moment because it is the only solution to providing burials in the future without the expense of using more of our much loved green spaces.

So get involved and also keep your eyes open for any meetings in Dulwich Park regarding this,there is due to be one in June or July.

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: bumble 17 June, 2011 14:27

Hi all,

The burial consultation will launch on the 27th of June and there will be two open public meetings,one at the end of July and one at the end of August.The actual venues are stil not known yet,but Dulwich Park has been mentioned.

At these meetings Southwark council will speak of the need of more burial space in London and what the consultation hopes to achieve.

The consultation will finish in September with the findings being presented to the Southwark cabinet in December.

Remember even if you can not attend these meetings,you still can take part online by visiting the Southwark website or by filling in the questionnaire which should be in the June/July edition of the Southwark Life magazine.

So let's get our views heard and help save green spaces for the living!

Re: Save Honor Oak Rec
Posted by: Ted15 23 September, 2011 18:14

Please help save Honor Oak Recreation Ground

Southwark Council is currently consulting on plans to increase its cemetery space and one option it is looking at is a plan to use Honor Oak Recreation Ground as a cemetery. Fans of this wonderful green space desperately want to stop Southwark doing this. The council is holding a meeting at the recreation ground this Saturday 24 September between 1-4pm at which Lewisham and Southwark residents can discuss the councilís plans for the future of the park and we really want people to come along and show their support for the park.

We also need people to fill in the councilís cemetery consultation questionnaire before the closing date of 30 September at

and to sign this petition:

More information about the campaign can be found on the Friends of Honor Oak Recreation Groundís blog:

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