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Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: Muffins78 28 March, 2008 20:25

Can any recommend a good chinese in the area??

I love dishes with curry sauce, and the Forever Red on Rosendale Road used be lovely until they changed owners. Its now gravy like!! The Goldon Canton in Herne Hill can be a really heavy meal. I've tried the place on Seeley Drive a few times, and thats the best that I could find that delivers here. There's a good place in CPalace but it won't deliver here!!

Does anyone know anywhere else decent in the area??

There's a fab place on Battersea Rise, but I can't persuade them to deliver here either lol!!! I wonder why!!

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: downsouth 31 March, 2008 14:46

Can't say i've ever liked Forever Red (which is not the same thing as I don't use them as I do).

The best Chinese take aways are located in East Dulwich, notably Mr Liu's and Chopsticks.

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: puffling 31 March, 2008 15:15

We've used Good Taste for years, which are in Bealeau Hill in Crystal Palace and they are pretty good but recently also started to get takeaways from the little place in Tulse Hill. Can't remember the name but it's on the main roundabout bit not far from Tulse Hill Station.

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: LadyDul 31 March, 2008 15:45

Yes Mr Liu's is very good. There's also Zin Oriental near the Dulwich Library.

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: Dulwich Dog 04 April, 2008 21:54

Both good, but in order of preference :

Chi Westrow Hill, Crystal Palace

Mr Liu Lordship Lance, East Dulwich

I'd put Forever Red in third place, tad cheaper than the above but great value.

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: DCSE21 26 November, 2008 10:50

Chi Oriental, Crystal Palace
New Village, West Norwood
Golden Bowl, Gipsy Road.

Probably loads more I can't think of, but I'd go for Chi's

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: BadPuppy 16 January, 2009 14:57

it is a bit of a treck to the wrong side of the Dulwich tracks I know, but I love Chopsticks on Lordship Lane Always come away from there feeling like I have eaten a banquet

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: Mazza 21 January, 2009 13:17

I would recommend Jade Garden on the Norwood Road. They deliver to West Dulwich (most the time in 15-20 Minutes) and what ever I order is delicious. The staff are really friendly.

Re: Chinese Takeaway
Posted by: RuthW 03 April, 2009 16:37

CHOPSTICKS has closed!! Can't believe it, I went down to the Lane especially for that and was told by a cyclist that its closed down.

Can anyone now recommend a good chinese??

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