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Threads on ofther fora about the WDF
Posted by: Parkhall76 17 April, 2008 10:08

It looks like this forum (the Norwood forum according to Dulwich Mum) is not too popular on the other side of the Village,89280,page=1,108324,108397#msg-108397

Also, the Norwood Forum seems to agree - I see you tried to act as peacemaker Downsouth

Re: Threads on ofther fora about the WDF
Posted by: downsouth 18 April, 2008 09:01

Yes, well it is easy for people to get worked up about the 'others'. A couple of storms in a tea cup, really.

Re: Threads on ofther fora about the WDF
Posted by: Paleproctologist 29 April, 2008 17:59

Well, you do have a thread called "Boring East Dulwich" - which is going to antagonise a tad ..

Re: Threads on ofther fora about the WDF
Posted by: Parkhall76 24 February, 2009 16:25

There's plenty worse on the EDF.

Re: Threads on ofther fora about the WDF
Posted by: KoolBananas 27 February, 2009 07:44

Oh stop it. What's the point of stirring things on here? Surely that makes you as bad as those you are complaining about!

Re: Threads on ofther fora about the WDF
Posted by: AlleynAlleyn 09 March, 2009 20:55

I suggest we settle all this East vs West stuff the good old-fashioned way. An organised punch up. Think of the fight scene from Gangs of New York. Winners get exclusive access to Dulwich Village. And the losers have to shut their forum down - forever. If East loses, they get renamed South Peckham and wear shell suits until the end of time. Ditto if West loses, renamed as East West Norwood, and a compulsory diet of burger and chips for ever.

Very important to agree in advance the acceptable weapons range. I suggest chariot units use those ginormous baby buggies - the sort that seem not to fold down anymore when taken into crowded cafes. Currently being modified to replace Humvees in Iraq. One person in each, armed with oven-hardened ciabattas, to be pushed by no more than two pushers. (Or one Polish nanny.)

Items for throwing to involve any of the many forms of local listing / chat / glossy ads magazines - SE21 Magazine (and all the other postcodes), Dulwich Life, Female Beauty Products Illustrated, Living South etc., etc. Good to find something useful to do with them all at last. But suggest all articles by Dulwich Mum be removed first - so toxic they will infringe International Law about chemical weapons, war crimes etc.

Equivalent to medieval boiling oil for chucking in eyes to be skinny decaf soya lattes. Tea spoons to be removed first.

If hostilities run over into the following Monday, all Nanny combatants to have the day off, of course.

Finally, WW1-style Western Front truces to be arranged every 30 minutes for parties to get together and discuss house prices, best nurseries, and recommend estate agents.

Additional suggestions welcome.

Finally, time and place - to allow for planning and training, I suggest April 1st at 12.00 outside the Dog and Hat.

See you all there . . .

Meanwhile, drinks party for all those Dulwich residents who do not care about East / West: inside the Dog and Hat at the same time. Seats by the front windows. Bring camcorders for posterity and enjoy the free show.

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