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help if you can please
Posted by: chichi 06 October, 2011 21:02

Marnie is a Yorkshire Terrier who was STOLEN in the Canterbury Region. The thieves were after a lurcher but owner and his wife stopped them...3 men attacked her husband with a shovel...the wife managed to get the dog out of their grip and into the kennel...she shielded the kennel with her body as they kept hitting her husband and saying get her out of the way or we will kill her...all this was witnessed by their 6 year old daughter....they then stole the yorkie...neighbour got full registration plate...police have issued only a ref number. Please twitter and share. There is a CRN EY 0091725 which is the violent assault and under current police investigation. The details have gone out on police alerts by text and email using the current NHW alerts system. BLUE MERCEDES REG BC02 YVA 0844 800 3220, it was believed that marnie was sold around 6pm on tuesday 4th oct from the orpington area,Has your neighbour or family member just aquired a beautiful tiny adult female yorkie. If you think you have spotted Marnie we have a confidential email address where you ca...n give us any details of the dog seen. You don't have to leave any personal details just let us know where we can find Marnie. If you could get a photograph on your phone that would be fantastic. You can send photo's by phone to Jaime, Marnies mum on 07735526688. We do have a huge REWARD for Marnies safe return. Marnie is chipped so we can prove without doubt that it is her. Please keep your eyes open we know we are very close, we just need to raise awareness and get that one phone call we need to bring this poor little soul home. xxx

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