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The heart(less) surgeon?
Posted by: grafton 06 February, 2012 13:56

Dear all, I'm just wondering whether anyone can shine a light as to why my post of Jan 27 was taken down within hours despite the fact that others had posted perfectly reasonable and legitimate comments? Is my post offensive? Does it break some rules that I am unaware of? Please help... Here it is:

To the cardiothoracic surgeon who smashed into our car just before Christmas,

I hope the emergency surgery you were rushing off to perform went ok. It must have been difficult for you not to stop at the scene of the accident but I know you wouldn't have left our three young children screaming in our smashed vehicle at the intersection of Dulwich Common and College Road unless your patient was perilously ill.

In fact, I suspect that the reason you ploughed into the back of our stationary Audi estate at speed, almost propelling it into the path of oncoming vehicles by the sheer force of impact, was because your mind was consumed by the complexity of the tricky surgical procedure you were about to scrub in for. Open heart, was it?

Cynics have suggested that I'm wrong in my assumption that you're a surgeon. They say that the reason you sped off in your stoved in silver Smart car when approached to exchange details was because you were either over the blood alcohol limit or you were driving without a licence, without insurance or without a moral compass. They, cynics that they are, say you did a runner to save your own skin.

But I'm no cynic. I bet that since finishing up in that operating theatre, you have spent every waking moment trying to track us down to repair our car and to check on the welfare of our children. They're fine, by the way. Their little necks hardly hurt at all any more. And they've almost entirely stopped sobbing hysterically every time the car slows into a designated right turning lane.

My deepest regret in your not stopping, though, is that I never got to meet such a remarkable, selfless human being who so evidently holds the power of life and death in her hands. I am right, aren't I? You were racing off to save a life with your scalpel rather than potentially taking four with your steering wheel? Because you're not the sort of woman who flees the scene of an accident after ramming a car full of people and causing thousands of pounds of damage... are you?

Hope you're having a happy new year.

All the best

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