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(ED sorry) Hit-and-run on my parked car, Colwell Rd.
Posted by: simonscott 08 June, 2008 17:02

Fancy helping catch a criminal?!

It's a lovely sunny afternoon in East Dulwich and I just heard someone crunch into my car parked outside my house (Colwell Rd, East Dulwich), and keep going.

Very boring.

Especially cause I love my little yellow mini.

So they cut the corner too fine, hit the wheel, and have chewed up the bonnet and ripped off the trim.

I'm insured, but claiming will screw up my 9 years of no claims bonus (I managed to drive around Australia for 25,000km's without needing to claim!), and I'll also have to pay the 250 insurance excess.

A double slap in the face. And the police station admit there's little chance of finding them.

So instead, I'd much rather put the 250 to better use:

I'm offering 250 to anyone who helps me find out who did it (I can keep your name private), so the other driver's insurance pays for it, I don't get screwed, and you get 250 for good karma.

And maybe the driver will learn not to screw people over.

So keep an eye out for a car (sounded like a van or light truck, maybe with a trailer), around the East Dulwich, SE22 area, with the rear, left corner dented and scratched to buggery with bright yellow paint. My car has white scratches so I'm guessing that's from the other car - a white van man perhaps?

My gut wonders if it was someone driving back from the pub.

Give me a bell on 07949-373282 or message me.

Please invite any friends in the area to this group!

Thanks for any help,


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