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Early Days group for parents of babies born/due Dec 2020- Late Feb 2021
Posted by: AT Post-natal 07 February, 2021 19:21

Hi all,
Have you recently had a baby or due before the end of Feb? My course aims to help if you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused by conflicting ‘advice’ or maybe just a bit lonely.

The NCT Early Days course is a course tailored to meet the needs of each unique group.

Sessions are adapted depending on the group but may include:
* Becoming a mother,
* Relationships and the transition to parenthood and the future!
* Sleep/ crying/ feeding,
* PND and mental well-being including strategies to cope,
* Rhythms/ routines and baby development
And more!!!

I aim to create a safe, supportive environment where, alongside other new mothers, you can explore important issues regarding the early postnatal days.

The next course is for mothers of babies born between Dec 2020 and Feb 2021 and your course starts on Wednesday 1st March for 5 x weeks and is delivered from the comfort of your own homes, via Zoom.

Please contact quoting reference C5396 asap for more information or to book your place! The could can be subsidised for those families who need it at this time.

By booking through the NCT, you are supporting a Charity which campaigns for support for parents and improvements to Maternity Services.


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Re: Early Days group for parents of babies born/due Dec 2020- Late Feb 2021
Posted by: charle41 25 February, 2021 00:12

Hello There,
Hope you are well

came across your ad.

I am 22 years of age and have just finished my BSc in Psychology and I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Psychodynamics of Human Development at Birbeck University in association with the British Psychotherapy Foundation , as I aspire to become a Child & adolescent Psychotherapist.

An essential component of the degree is infant observations which all aspiring psychotherapist are required to do. This will involve me observing a baby and their family in their day-to-day environment once a week, one hour per session, for two years excluding any holidays, other life commitments etc as I understand people are busy so I am very accomodating and adjustments can be made.

I will be more than willing to arrange an initial meeting with you to explain the details. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the initial meeting and the subsequent infant observation process will be arranged online (Skype, Zoom etc).

The observational process is non-directive, non-interventional. I will be like a listener rather than a teacher/instructor. With your assistance, the study will have an opportunity to learn from your emotional attunement with your baby in a day-to-day family environment.

This project is completely voluntary and tell help an aspiring psychotherapist. The details of the observational process will be kept strictly confidential. I have a Enhanced child and adult DBS on request.

I understand this is a big ask but I would be very appreciative as fulfilling this degree is so important to me and my development as a Child Psychotherapist.
Any questions or queries regarding this opportunity, please do not hesitate to send me a message on next door, Facebook or email me.

Even if this not something you would necessarily be interested in , if you could pass this on to friends and family i would be extremely grateful.

Parents who have previous been involved have felt this was a great opportunity for them to contribute to a better understanding of how infant/mother relationship unfolds so as to help improve dysfunctional or disturbing relationships of other infants and their mothers/carers. We can't help mothers/carers and infants in distress without first understanding the healthy development of that relationship.

I will be able to provide any official documentation from my university and any other information you require.

I have been searching since September and haven't had any luck so far - so any one who can share the word, I would apperciate it.

Have A Good Week everyone !
Ashia Charles
Or direct message me if you have any questions
Please Share this Post to help me find a lovely family!
Thanks youu!!!

Ashia Charles

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